Radiantly Warm Artistry

As a photographer, I crave images that are boasting with radiant colors and personalities while capturing the warmth of our sun and the bond between you and your loved one. It brings so much hope and love to the images, and allows me to capture your emotions during those fleeting moments! This is why I do what I do!

With Cierra Smith Photography you are ensured art that will tell the story of who you are, while freezing moments of you and your loved ones being themselves.

The CSP wedding experiences are slightly different than others you may have encountered. All of the wedding packages include a second shooter. I do this because I found it comforting to know as a bride that there is more than just one camera circling to catch each moment. From the experience of my own wedding , I found this even more important, as Allen and I spent the entire day smiling for pictures, there were so many moments and people we felt we had missed. Having those special pictures to look back on are something we cherish so deeply.

The Wedding Party.2.jpg


The wedding experiences begin at $1500. Please ask for a quote based on your vision for your wedding to receive a more realistic cost.