All I need in life is Jesus, my husband, 2 dogs (Chloe & Mandy), my camera, and a huge Diet Coke!!
— Cierra Smith


I practically grew up with a camera in my hand. I am almost 100% sure my mama still has undeveloped rolls of film left in her china cabinet. Though I loved snapping pictures, I never really found my purpose until flipping through old picture albums with my Granny Faye. We would sit there for hours as she told me the story behind each photo. Just watching her face glow as she reminisced on the memories made my heart melt. It was in these moments that I realized my passion for photography. Photographs are the only thing we have to look on the years that have passed. It’s a way to capture shared emotions, memories, and most importantly our loved ones. I am so thankful to have albums of pictures to look back on, and I want to provide this same experience for my clients, their future generations and so on.


I am a southern lady from the big ole' town of Millen, Georgia (we finally have a McDonald’s). I am a DAWG; alumna of the University of Georgia. After living in Athens throughout my degrees, I am so glad to finally bring my business back home. I happily serve family sessions for the surrounding counties, and weddings worldwide. I have a crazy obsession for coffee, sweet tea and Diet Coke. Rarely will you catch me without one of the three in my hand. My ideal afternoon is spent swinging on a back porch with family and friends. I absolutely love music. It calms me through the storms of life. If you were to stumble across my Spotify, you would notice my most played bands are Hillsong Young & Free and Elevation Worship. My husband Allen has quickly become my biggest supporter. He is constantly thinking of new ways to fix our land to make it perfect for photos, so be on the lookout for those improvements; It has quickly proven to be a long process. We also have a sweet Schnoodle named Chloe and a precious rescue named Mandy. They are both actually more of a children, quite rotten if I might add, and even believe they belong in your lap, NO MATTER THEIR SIZE. Living in this small town, photographing the lives of those so dear to me allow me to make my wildest dreams my reality. There is nothing I love more. Someday, Allen and I hope to travel the world, documenting the trip every step of the way.

Did I mention we are currently awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby boy, coming this November!

All I need in life is Jesus, my husband, 2 dogs (Chloe & Mandy), my camera, and a huge Diet Coke!!

A few photos of my loves.